Tuesday, 11 September 2012

"J" Fever is Back!

Assalamualaikum! :)

How should i start this entry ya? Should i screamed like at first time i received my first piece of jovianrtw? or when jovian mention his first aidiladha collection? Actually my heart keep pumping when he started announce his jovianrtw collection. hahaha. Since then, Jovian...jovian...jovian...^.~

Ok...:) Actually this is my "second" entry of J Fever, which the first one has been demolished by the super ‘lembab’ internet connection that not super ‘pantas’ to save my entry!...fuhhhh!

What i can say...This is madness! ingatkan kan deman Jovian dah habis but its keep coming la, and its getting hot and hotter.... this guy is truly genius, and he for me a  talented designer who fills every women dreams.  His JovianRTW become pronominal...i fall in love with every piece of his JovianRTW collection. Dang! wish i have them all in my closet..^.~

Thank you Jovian for liking my photo! Woot! Woot! ^.~
For me the pieces are so gorgeous & yet affordable..yayaaya...if saje2 nak pergi tempah baju rekaan
Jovian memang tak mampu la kan..huhuhu, so this is the opportunities to grab his beautiful pieces for my wardrobe tho.

Since then, keep refreshing his twitter acc, facebook & instagram for the latest update.  Sampai termamai2 tunggu every batches to be uploaded. Tu takpe lagi siap mimpi plak* adehhh over tau! haha.....

 Mine, already bought three superlicous pieces from Jovianrtw. One from the First Lady & another two  from Zalora.com
The hot Jozephyne!
First of Syawal with love :)

Second day of Syawal with Jalissa love


...But I'm dying to have the Aidiladha's collection.  I gotta said, all the pieces are damn ..again....gorgeous!!After Jovian reveal the first pieces for Aidiladha's collection, i know this coming collection is gonna be the ultimate one. Every pieces has its own pesona!
So far i really adoring these....^.~

Like Jovian said; you'll pengsan & pitam  when he revealed her....hahaha! OH! JEWEL

Sweet & adorable JARIELLE

Beautiful JEEVANA

Tarik nafas panjang2, & now My J fever reached 40 degree! hahahaha!
These are my ultimate 6 that i really wanted....whats yours darlin? ^.~

To all Jovianista out there, don't forget to feed your wallet ya...
sure its gonna be the awesome shopping while makan2 there..hohoho.

Till then hope to meet all of you there at the very  first Jovian Open House
and don't forget to dress to kill and if you're lucky you gonna be among the 50 winners of Jovianrtw's Best Dressed. This is awesome! *He's a very generous guy kan... he know how to touch his customer.

Thank you! and lots of hugs & kisses

# dah macam boleh masuk Malaysia Book of Record, ramai2 boria pakai baju Jovian, kan..kan....huhu


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