Monday, 15 October 2012

Sweet September October!

Assalamualaikum :)

Finally the October has come..:) Happy Birthday to me! ..13, its such a sweet number rite...hehehe..Aiayyy! age, it's just a number! ^.~

Birthday kali ni agak istimewa because, this is a new starting point for me & insyaallah penghijrahan yg lebih baik for me & my family, and also the  last 26 September is my hubby's birthday so selalunya kitaorang akan celebrate birthday sama2 je. Jimat! LOL!
Disebabkan hubby yg terikat dgn other commitment we decided keluar makan je. Teringin sgt nak makan sushi, so sushi king je la..hahaha.  This year is quite special, because i'm thrilled to show to him my gift.  Not to mention, he just saw his "birthday present" on my facebook but i never mention it to him till he's with me :)

Alhamdulillah he appreciated it very much  and love it. ^.~
....and me,  just received my present earlier before my love love!

To my dear Hubby
"From the start till now, you never failed to amaze me how tolerant you are of my temper outbursts, unpredicted behavior, my sulking episodes and compulsive shopping disorder. So here lots of hugs and kisses (and lots more ^.~) for my handsome/hardworking/loving/patient/smart/genius/responsible/adorable/cute/funny/romantic better half!  Happy Birthday sayang, i love you today and all of my tomorrows"

So, these are few pics on my birthday! Enjoy and you may find what the special gift from me to my hubby. Janji ditepati!..hahaha
Outfit of the day: Hijab Sugarscarfbyriqa/Top: Bajugraphy/Bottom: Cotton On

I'm ready
Accessories :)

Taraaaaa!!!.....My present to him; a brand new me, with hijab!! Thank you Daddy, you're such an amazing/patient hubby in the world! Thank you for waiting..Alhamdulillah :)

"I'm very thankful for what you've given me ya Allah s.w.t, and I'm blessed to have such a beautiful feeling toward my hubby every single day.....i realized all this happiness/hardness in our relationship is just a test and this beautiful feeling just because of YOU. Day by day i found that my love toward my hubby deeper and deeper.
 Sorry my dear, it has taken some time to me to fulfill your wish....and finally you deserved a better me"  ^.~

My buah hati pengarang jantung!

Rana's enjoying her meals, jummmy mommy! :)

Dropping at Casa Putra Bistro...again snappp! snappp!

Jeng! Jeng! special gift from my hubby! i love it so much! Thanks sayang :)

small happy family. Alhamdulillah :)

psilove ^.`
Thank you and have a wonderfulbeautifulcolorful day everyone! Love.


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