Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Crinkle-ing My Day

Salam lovelies :)

still counting...:)

Mr. Mid: Mommy, mommy start pakai tudung masa anniversary kan?
Mrs. Mid: a'aaaa...awat? (awat plak ni)
Mr. Mid: errrrmmm..saja tanya...bulan 11 kan?
Mrs. Mid: a'aaa...ermmm
Mr. Mid: ermmm...baru 3 bulan mommy pakai tudung, daddy rasa dah macam bertahun.. (sambil tersenyum)
Mrs. Mid: ?? ..ha???
Mr. Mid: tak...banyaknya tudung mommy, rasanya hari tu baru daddy tengok 2 3 lai, ni ha! sampai bertimbun timbun....
Mrs. Mid:.hehehe ! ( sambil tersenyum kambing)

i love to tease him a bit, when we're photographed together cause he hate to be photographed. ..haha ^.~ btw I'm in purple.
Wargghhhh! I'm so sorry sayang, tak boleh tahan tengok tudung cantik2 kat IG so tempting..hahaha especially tudung yg satu ni..:)

I think this product don't have an introduction ;) 

nampak sgt addicted gitu..haha ..has been featured here at The Oldblossom Box Store's Instagram :)

Me. suka sgt dgn CRINKLE SHAWL dari The Oldblossom Box Store ni.  So far dah ada 12 colors and i can't get enough of it! ^.~

Its Yellow Day :)...boring...kata Gugu...: /

Why?  I'm so fall in love with this shawl, first of all because it comes with so many yummylicious colors; me, suka sgt bright color;

second sbb 'crinkle' la...ahaha i feel so comfy in it, tak panas ok! best je pakai

#syoksendiri ..haha
third.. it is more wider than before, boleh cover depan & belakang..

then the final is sbb you can choose whether to iron it or far tak pernah iron lagi, maybe next time boleh try :)

Just done with my shopping therapy , thank you Mr. Mid

So for those yg berminat you can buy it thru online or just visit the boutique at;

 No 309 No 2
Laman Seri Business Park
Section 13, Shah Alam 

Comercial Center Section 7
2nd Floor, Section 7 Shah Alam 

Till then, Happy shopping lovelies!! & Thank you for reading this. Much Love. 


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