Saturday, 29 December 2012

Soft Launching Ogy D'Greenwood Restaurant

Salam everyone :)

This is just a quick/short update for my blog, ( the reason why tak boleh nak tulis panjang2 coz now my baby tengah change time tido, tido pkl 8 mlm, then pkl 11 pm bangun terus sampai pukul 2 3 pagi, so time tu memang i pun dah mengantuk) *mcm sekarang..

So dipendekan cerita semalam i ikut my hubby pergi Soft Launching Ogy D'Greenwood Restaurant dekat Gombak.  My hubby just got an invitation by Ogy herself, as a representative from UITM.  Selain pada tu my hubby juga dijemput as the performing act on that nite.  Dipendekan cerita the event run smoothly, and I'm quite impressed because the event was organized by my hubby's students from Event Management . Actually me and my hubby were among the first batch of this program (Bachelor of Event Management (Hons) from UiTM and i was really impressed to see how these students conduct big events, compare with our time.

so dah panjang ceritanya..tu la bila dah mula terfikir mcm2. hahaha..So enjoy the pictures. Lupa plak nak cakap the food there is quite sedap la. Maybe next time boleh pergi lagi.:)

First introducing you to my nanny on that nite. hahaha, just kidding, she's my bff :)

Akak Ogy Ahmad Daud & the Team.
Performance by AO Band. Good job Mr. Hubby :)

Radhi Khalid menunjukkan bakat menyanyi

Akak Ogy & AO Band

Snap..snap ..snap..:)

They're both look gorgeous even with those redeyes..haha, with Kak Fazlina Ahmad Daud, i admire her acting in Ramadhan Terakhir & Vanilla Coklat :)

Ok, i dengan akakkkk Ogy..haha
My other half, thank you for bringing me there. :)

my baby girl yg tak suka bergambar..
with the best nanny in the world. thank you aunty. :)
Ok done. My look on that nite. :)

Ok, mesti tertanya tanya tak de gambar menu pun, ahaha, tak sempat nak snap pun, sbb my baby buat hal, tp for sure, kena try g restaurant ni sbb menu yg dihidangkan pada mlm tu agak sedap, then you guys can choose buffet or ala carte, ada nasi arab, western foods and etc.

Untuk yg berminat boleh datang ke restaurant akak Ogy Ahmad Daud.

Lot 2344-9 Jalan Batu Caves, 
Kampung Simpang Tiga (Greenwood) 

So i think this is all for now, thank you for reading this. Hope you guys enjoy your weekend, mine quite busy and hectic. Till now, have a wonderful day ahead. :) 


Thursday, 20 December 2012

Living Dangerously

To laugh is to risk looking a fool.
To weep is to risk appearing sentimental.
To reach out to another is to risk involvement.
To show feelings is to risk revealing your true self.
To place your ideas and dreams before a crowd
is to risk their loss.

To love is to risk rejection.
To live is to risk dying.
To hope is to risk despair.
To try is to risk failure.

But risks must be taken,
because on of the greatest dangers in life is to risk nothing.

Those who risk nothing, do nothing, achieve nothing
and become nothing.

They may avoid suffering and sorrow,
but they cannot learn, feel, change, grow, love or even live.
Chained by their uncertainties, they are slaves;
they have forfeited their freedom.

Only those who risk all that they cannot keep
to gain what they can never lose are truly free.

Simon Reynolds

Found this book at the local store at Queen Street Mall, compiled by Jane Watson. 
 This piece remind me all those memories starting at the first time I've met him in Jengka and 2 years ago back in Aussie. Now it's almost 11 years. Alhamdulillah.

Thank you for always be with me. Insyaallah till Jannah.

P/S: Just a reminder for myself.  Just be yourself.  "Nobody is perfect but you can be a perfect person for somebody" -MrsMid
Till then, have a good day everyone!! xoxo

Monday, 15 October 2012

Sweet September October!

Assalamualaikum :)

Finally the October has come..:) Happy Birthday to me! ..13, its such a sweet number rite...hehehe..Aiayyy! age, it's just a number! ^.~

Birthday kali ni agak istimewa because, this is a new starting point for me & insyaallah penghijrahan yg lebih baik for me & my family, and also the  last 26 September is my hubby's birthday so selalunya kitaorang akan celebrate birthday sama2 je. Jimat! LOL!
Disebabkan hubby yg terikat dgn other commitment we decided keluar makan je. Teringin sgt nak makan sushi, so sushi king je la..hahaha.  This year is quite special, because i'm thrilled to show to him my gift.  Not to mention, he just saw his "birthday present" on my facebook but i never mention it to him till he's with me :)

Alhamdulillah he appreciated it very much  and love it. ^.~
....and me,  just received my present earlier before my love love!

To my dear Hubby
"From the start till now, you never failed to amaze me how tolerant you are of my temper outbursts, unpredicted behavior, my sulking episodes and compulsive shopping disorder. So here lots of hugs and kisses (and lots more ^.~) for my handsome/hardworking/loving/patient/smart/genius/responsible/adorable/cute/funny/romantic better half!  Happy Birthday sayang, i love you today and all of my tomorrows"

So, these are few pics on my birthday! Enjoy and you may find what the special gift from me to my hubby. Janji ditepati!..hahaha
Outfit of the day: Hijab Sugarscarfbyriqa/Top: Bajugraphy/Bottom: Cotton On

I'm ready
Accessories :)

Taraaaaa!!!.....My present to him; a brand new me, with hijab!! Thank you Daddy, you're such an amazing/patient hubby in the world! Thank you for waiting..Alhamdulillah :)

"I'm very thankful for what you've given me ya Allah s.w.t, and I'm blessed to have such a beautiful feeling toward my hubby every single day.....i realized all this happiness/hardness in our relationship is just a test and this beautiful feeling just because of YOU. Day by day i found that my love toward my hubby deeper and deeper.
 Sorry my dear, it has taken some time to me to fulfill your wish....and finally you deserved a better me"  ^.~

My buah hati pengarang jantung!

Rana's enjoying her meals, jummmy mommy! :)

Dropping at Casa Putra Bistro...again snappp! snappp!

Jeng! Jeng! special gift from my hubby! i love it so much! Thanks sayang :)

small happy family. Alhamdulillah :)

psilove ^.`
Thank you and have a wonderfulbeautifulcolorful day everyone! Love.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

"J" Fever is Back!

Assalamualaikum! :)

How should i start this entry ya? Should i screamed like at first time i received my first piece of jovianrtw? or when jovian mention his first aidiladha collection? Actually my heart keep pumping when he started announce his jovianrtw collection. hahaha. Since then, Jovian...jovian...jovian...^.~

Ok...:) Actually this is my "second" entry of J Fever, which the first one has been demolished by the super ‘lembab’ internet connection that not super ‘pantas’ to save my entry!...fuhhhh!

What i can say...This is madness! ingatkan kan deman Jovian dah habis but its keep coming la, and its getting hot and hotter.... this guy is truly genius, and he for me a  talented designer who fills every women dreams.  His JovianRTW become pronominal...i fall in love with every piece of his JovianRTW collection. Dang! wish i have them all in my closet..^.~

Thank you Jovian for liking my photo! Woot! Woot! ^.~
For me the pieces are so gorgeous & yet affordable..yayaaya...if saje2 nak pergi tempah baju rekaan
Jovian memang tak mampu la kan..huhuhu, so this is the opportunities to grab his beautiful pieces for my wardrobe tho.

Since then, keep refreshing his twitter acc, facebook & instagram for the latest update.  Sampai termamai2 tunggu every batches to be uploaded. Tu takpe lagi siap mimpi plak* adehhh over tau! haha.....

 Mine, already bought three superlicous pieces from Jovianrtw. One from the First Lady & another two  from
The hot Jozephyne!
First of Syawal with love :)

Second day of Syawal with Jalissa love


...But I'm dying to have the Aidiladha's collection.  I gotta said, all the pieces are damn ..again....gorgeous!!After Jovian reveal the first pieces for Aidiladha's collection, i know this coming collection is gonna be the ultimate one. Every pieces has its own pesona!
So far i really adoring these....^.~

Like Jovian said; you'll pengsan & pitam  when he revealed her....hahaha! OH! JEWEL

Sweet & adorable JARIELLE

Beautiful JEEVANA

Tarik nafas panjang2, & now My J fever reached 40 degree! hahahaha!
These are my ultimate 6 that i really wanted....whats yours darlin? ^.~

To all Jovianista out there, don't forget to feed your wallet ya...
sure its gonna be the awesome shopping while makan2 there..hohoho.

Till then hope to meet all of you there at the very  first Jovian Open House
and don't forget to dress to kill and if you're lucky you gonna be among the 50 winners of Jovianrtw's Best Dressed. This is awesome! *He's a very generous guy kan... he know how to touch his customer.

Thank you! and lots of hugs & kisses

# dah macam boleh masuk Malaysia Book of Record, ramai2 boria pakai baju Jovian, kan..kan....huhu

Friday, 31 August 2012

PD with Aunties


PD ...sumpah, seumur hidup memang tak pernah pergi...hahaha. tp hari ni the both gorgeous aunties,  nak bawa mommy & Gugu g jalan2 ke Port Dickson. Actually mula2 agak keberatan nak pergi since tak pernah pergi mana2 tanpa Daddy Gul disisi...cewahhh ^.~ but dah ada orang sudi nak bawa kan..kan..kan..lagipun  Daddy Gul ada rehearsal for tomorrow's show, so why not..:)

Tak nak post panjang2 sebab dah ngantuk sgt, lagipun ni test je nak post new entry sbb sejak pindah rumah ni tak boleh2 nak menulis sbb internet sgt2 sgt2 frustrating! @.@

Picture pun tak banyak sgt, sbb camera dah bawak SD card pulak terlupa ak letak! memang best! >.<
Tapi i'm so proud with my baby Gugu, dah tak takut laut...Thank you Aunty Qin. ^.~ first time pergi pantai nangis tengok ombak...hahaha but she's had fun today! :) Bucketloads of thank you for both aunties.Hehehe.. Next time kita g lagi ye..^.~

Meet the gorgeous Aunties. Aunty Eqien & Aunty Suhaila. :)

Aunty yg sgt dedicated main dgn Gugu...tah2 balik sakit satu badan..hahaha ^.~

Sorang iklan Sunsilk ..sorang lagi iklan Pantene..haha

Hope this friendship will last forever! Love you guys lalalala...^.~

Dang..boleh plak save ye...alhamdulillah, tak sia2 menulis di pagi hari...huhu
#Raya mood still on yeahhh! besok nak jumpa seseorang, lusa Aunty Sally & Menn's  open housessss...Ok..Nite world & thank you!

Sunday, 15 July 2012


Salam ..

Rumahku syurga ku...:)
Bestkan if dah ada rumah sendiri, for now memang tak mampu lagi nak memiliki rumah idaman hati....huhu, kena himpun duit syiling banyak2 dulu then baru boleh beli..haha. ^.~

Sejak balik dari Aussie this is the first rumah yang bakal disewa...sebelum ni my family sgt bertuah kerana dapat berteduh di rumah yg digelar 'seri desa' selama hampir setahun, dari Gugu umur 2 bulan till dah nak masuk 14months pun..... a million thanks to keluarga En. Zulhilmi sekeluarga kerana memberi kepercayaan kepada my hubby untuk menjaga 'seri desa' tanpa mengambil sebarang sewa!  semoga Allah s.w.t menambahkan rezeki En. Zul sekeluarga dan senantiasa dilimpahi rahmat dariNya. Amin.

Alhamdulillah...selamat la duit sewa bulan2..ingat boleh simpan, habis la asyik shopping kat je kan...hahahaha^.~

good enough for 3 of us..:)
Gugu macam suka je rumah ni...hehe
Actually rumah ni tak pernah disewakan lagi, so family kitaorang yg first...yeeayyy! ok la, tak la teruk nak cuci, lagipun landlord nampak macam boleh bertolak ansur & baik je....hehe

Dah dapat rumah baru kan, even rumah sewa nak la selasa & cantik juga kan..:) jadi excited la nak deco sana deco sini, so far me & Daddy Gul dah survey furniture & electrical appliance....dah beli pun...huhu, besok barang sampai....yeaaay! hahaha...sekarang pening la plak nak cat color ape kan..Errmmm, so me, goggle je...^.~

Tarada! All these are our dream's deco for our small crib .....:)

inspiration for Gugu's bedroom ...cantik kan
the second..

inspiration for living room...

ahhhhh! rasa nyaman je... ^.~
ni pun cantik..

ni pun...;)
 Hopefully tak jadi sebijik seperti pic di atas, skt2 pun jadi la....hahaha...ermmmm insyaallah sehari dua lagi pindah rumah baru. Sambut Ramadhan di rumah baru la nampaknya...Alhamdulillah. Semoga dipermudahkan segala urusan. Amin.

# Banyak lagi barang tak pack ni...ada sape nak tolong ke? ^.~ huhu
Till now, thanks for reading this & stay awesome people. Wassalam


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