Wednesday, 6 June 2012


Five years we've been planning about YOU. 
YOU've came as we wished for. At the right time and at the right place as i dreamed before.

 On your Daddy's 30th Birthday i felt YOU in my womb. 
That night was a really romantic night.
A beautiful candle lite dinner.
Perfect for two.
But all my appetite was gone. 
I can't even smell the meals that i've cooked before. 
Just because of you. :)
Baru je lepas masak ni, then tiba2 je terbau terus rasa nak loya..:)
 After that i started to feel the sickness, the beautiful sickness I've ever dreamed for.
The pain was a very amazing experience ever. 
At that time i cannot even smell your Daddy's scent, the morning sickness, the ceiling fans that always makes me wanna scream. :)
Is all because of YOU.

The very 1st time Me & your Daddy saw YOU and YOU was only 2cm & the doctor keep saying "Masyaallah She's beautiful" :)

                                                    YOU beautifully grown inside me.:)

Seven months you're in my womb, we're together, YOU, Me and your Daddy. 
However, the time and the situations was a test for us. 
Separation was not a choice but it was a sacrifice.
Every night YOU talked with your Daddy thru Me. 
We both shared the greatest feeling. 
The feeling given was really precious. 
It was an amazing moment there.

Now YOU almost 9 months there. 
We patiently waited for YOU.
YOUR arrival was scheduled on 28 May 2011. 
But there wasn't any sign of YOUR arrival. 
Me and your Daddy was thrilled to see YOU.
But the waiting is worth.
Is all because of YOU. :)

Finally on 7th June 2011 4.58 am YOU was born. 
The arrival was truly amazing.
To see YOU at the first time is a wonderful, amazing, precious moment.
YOU are a beautiful baby I've ever see.
YOU are a tiny soft delicate baby of mine.
YOU're my baby, GuL E Rana.

Today is YOUR 1st Birthday.
How fast time has flew
One year I've been a mother to you.
Happy 1st Birthday Gugu!! Mommy loves you so much!!
To YOU my little princess. I wish YOU a very first Happy Birthday.
You're amazing baby. 
9 months was amazing and this past one year was truly wonderful!
My prayer is always with you, Gul E Rana.
YOU melted my heart with smile. 
My promise to YOU.
I'll give my best to be the best mother for you. Give YOU as many guidance and advise like mother always do. and to love you till the end of my breath.
Is all because of YOU.


#this gonna be my present for you, Gugu.  Bila dah besar nnt, dah pandai baca, boleh la tengok nukilan mummy ye..haha then boleh share dgn your little sister or brother...hahaha :)

#pening preparation for Gugu's 1st Birthday...Macam2 dalam kepala ni..huhu :P
Thank you for reading this. :)


  1. hepi bufday E Rana...aunty, uncle, sis Raihan & bro Rayyan doakan moga lil E Rana mjadi anak y soleha...dianugerahkan kesihatan yg baik...sihat tubuh badan...murah rezeki...panjang umo & etc (tlalu byk utk disenaraikan)...i/Allah ada jodoh & rezeki kita jupa yer...luv u lil E Rana..

    1. Amin. Terima kasih Aunty Ina & family for the doa. insyaallah, mesti kena jumpa nnt ni..huhu, *hugs & kisses for sis Raihan & bro Rayyan yg sgt ancem tu,*muka rayyan dah macam mamat Aussie dah..sgt2 ancem..:)

  2. yeahhhh
    heapy besday beautiful.:)
    semoga jd anak yang solehah tuk mommy & daddy yer..:)

    selamat hari lahir sayang..:)
    auntie ninie loves u GUGU...;D

    1. Amin. Thank you so much Aunty Sha! :)
      next week 17hb jangan lupa jemput datang majlis harijadi Gugu ye Aunty :)
      Hugs & kisses from Gugu. Take care aunty! :)

  3. baru jumpa blog kamu ini....baru nk preparation 1st birthday party dh fening la fening...imagine la klu gugu getting married nnt...jgn fengsan suda la ... :))

    smoga gugu jd anak yg solehah berjaya dunia akhirat..

    1. yellow sufie...hahaha, 1st birthday la katakan..;)insyaallah kalau dipanjangkan umur dimurahkan rezeki boleh la tengok sampai gugu naik pelamin, that time ko mesti ada, sambut aku kot2 terpengsan ke..hahaha...anyway thanks a lot. amin. :)



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