Sunday, 8 July 2012


Salam  ^.^

P/s: Watch out! This gonna be a very long entry with ton of photos..^.~

On Friday my hubby's band Sepi Band was invited by the final year students of Mass Communication from Uitm to perform at their event "Turn On Your Fashion Mode with Gradian". It was a big yeay! for me :)  because i was really excited to meet Dian Pelangi and see her collections. Dian Pelangi or Dian Wahyu Utami is the young, talented fashion designer from Indonesia and her boutique just opened in Malaysia. Actually, i sangat admired with her collections, sopan, elegant & so colorful just like her name.:)  and Dian sangat cantik & peramah, Gugu siap kena cium lagi dengan Dian :). Psssstttt!Gonna get myself Dian Pelangi's DP collection someday...hehehe

Actually the event run a little bit late and i agak risau takut my baby buat perangai but alhamdulillah and like always Gugu tak buat perangai sangat at that time, she was happy to play around at the back stage, watching her daddy setting up for the band, cuma mommy je yang sangat penat sebab Gugu baru belajar berjalan, so dia sangat suka naik tangga turun tangga..haha*actually "GUGU"is her "manja" name at home, her daddy give it to her since she was born, i kinda like it and it sound so catchy for me . .hehe.

Ok back to the story. :) Overall, that was a really fun day for me and baby Gugu, Sepi Band's performance went well and alhamdulillah the crowd like it. and i fall in love with all the collections, sangat sangat cantik, rasa macam nak beli je semua, my dream..huhuhu ;)

So, these are some pictures of the event, and of course my picture and baby Gugu with Dian Pelangi. Thank you so much Daddy Gul for bringing me there ^.~ and not to mention bucketloads of thank you to Daniel, my photographer of the day! You're awesome kid!

with Sepi Band


Mommy's Outfit: Thepoplook Birds Chiffon Blouse//Thepoplook Palazzo Pants//Unbranded Sling bag//Charles & Keith Platform// Gul E Rana's Outfit: Anakku Print T-shirt// Miki Pants// Baby Kiko Shoe

So, for those yang berminat dengan Dian Pelangi's collections boleh la visit Dian Pelangi Malaysia Boutique at 
17-2 (2nd Floor)
Jalan Telawi 2
Bangsar Baru, KL.

Dan bagi yang memerlukan band boy, acoustic band or full band boleh la menghubungi Sepi Band melalui 

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# Thank you guys for reading this entry! Have a great day! ^.~


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