Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Crinkle-ing My Day

Salam lovelies :)

still counting...:)

Mr. Mid: Mommy, mommy start pakai tudung masa anniversary kan?
Mrs. Mid: a'aaaa...awat? (awat plak ni)
Mr. Mid: errrrmmm..saja tanya...bulan 11 kan?
Mrs. Mid: a'aaa...ermmm
Mr. Mid: ermmm...baru 3 bulan mommy pakai tudung, daddy rasa dah macam bertahun.. (sambil tersenyum)
Mrs. Mid: ?? ..ha???
Mr. Mid: tak...banyaknya tudung mommy, rasanya hari tu baru daddy tengok 2 3 lai, ni ha! sampai bertimbun timbun....
Mrs. Mid:.hehehe ! ( sambil tersenyum kambing)

i love to tease him a bit, when we're photographed together cause he hate to be photographed. ..haha ^.~ btw I'm in purple.
Wargghhhh! I'm so sorry sayang, tak boleh tahan tengok tudung cantik2 kat IG so tempting..hahaha especially tudung yg satu ni..:)

I think this product don't have an introduction ;) 

nampak sgt addicted gitu..haha ..has been featured here at The Oldblossom Box Store's Instagram :)

Me. suka sgt dgn CRINKLE SHAWL dari The Oldblossom Box Store ni.  So far dah ada 12 colors and i can't get enough of it! ^.~

Its Yellow Day :)...boring...kata Gugu...: /

Why?  I'm so fall in love with this shawl, first of all because it comes with so many yummylicious colors; me, suka sgt bright color;

second sbb 'crinkle' la...ahaha i feel so comfy in it, tak panas ok! best je pakai

#syoksendiri ..haha
third.. it is more wider than before, boleh cover depan & belakang..

then the final is sbb you can choose whether to iron it or far tak pernah iron lagi, maybe next time boleh try :)

Just done with my shopping therapy , thank you Mr. Mid

So for those yg berminat you can buy it thru online or just visit the boutique at;

 No 309 No 2
Laman Seri Business Park
Section 13, Shah Alam 

Comercial Center Section 7
2nd Floor, Section 7 Shah Alam 

Till then, Happy shopping lovelies!! & Thank you for reading this. Much Love. 


  1. hye, terjumpa blog akak dari instagram! sbb akak ade comment kat gambar skirt yg sy jual. huhu. btw,best la baca blog akak. and u look more pretty with hijab! :)

  2. Seppp skett sis!!! Hehe...elya pn suka pki crinkle shawl..sebb xyah iron sis... if nk g jmpe client or gi kje...Cept je siap..kekek

  3. perhijrahan yg hebat lh yangg :)



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