Monday, 12 January 2015

My Rana

Insha Allah, 6 months from now, My first daughter Gul E Rana genap 4 i think we need to prepare/train her to sleep by her own or dalam erti kata yg lain "kick her out from our bed" hahahaha...(sorry Gugu, but don't worry mommy & daddy kat sebelah je, anything you just need to knock the door..hahaha) Finally, me and my hubby decided to use our second room as her bedroom now. So far, she seems so excited....but of course banyak lagi yg mommy nak kena deco kan. Ok here are some of the photos from her bedroom...☺️

       Welcome to Gugu's Stall :)
             Busy writing the menus               
         Serious business 

      Hana's reaction, when kakak says: "show me your tongue" 

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